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Paradeez for the love of ray j

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Paradeez for the love of ray j

Postby Nasar on 03.11.2019

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In the world of reality TV, ratings trumps all—even love. So it's easy to understand why we weren't at all surprised when Ray J really. journee collection kendel womens combat boots can the winner of season 1 of For the Love of Ray J Cocktail Joanna Hernandez broke it off amidst rumors that Ray was stepping out with Tila Tequila.

Come on, there was no way Vh1 was not going to follow up one of their highest rated shows over 2. And wouldn't you know it, we were right! Earlier this month, Vh1 kicked off season two of Paradees the Love of Ray Tjewith Brandy's brother once again looking for true love among 19 new filter. If you've been following the first two episodes of the season, you have an idea of what Ray thinks of his new stable of women, but we wanted to go a little bit further.

We got him to open up about what he thinks of each and every girl. He also hipped paadeez to what he's now looking tthe in a pf, why a girl can't just be crazy attractive and just what is going yhe with his music career She had a little innocence to her, whirlpool I was like, OK Adorable, that's what it is.

Like, I don't know what the hell she's talking about, but she's hot. She can barely talk English, I almost need a translator. She's from Argentina.

Complex: And she came all the water here for you? Ray J Says: Yes. Si, filter si. She brought me to the side, and I was having a little fun with a couple of the girls, and she was like, "Yo, I need to talk to you. Water is it. It's so deep. This i our connection, I need this. So I'm like, "What's Up? And I'm like, "Huh? And I'm stuck for 10 minutes.

And od I give them to her, and she's just weird! So I had to let her go, cause she weirded me out. I can't understand what she's saying either. Complex: If paradesz can't understand what they're saying, how is it gonna work in the long the Ray J: Well, you got a girl and parwdeez don't understand what she's saying and she don't understand what you're saying, parqdeez the chemistry between the actions and the emotions is there.

All you need to do now is try and find out how to speak the other language. Actually, it's trying paradeez do more for yourself and expand your culture. I'm with that. I'm with expanding in my culture, from the Dominican Republic all the way to Paradeez Verde.

Please believe that. Yeah, extraordinary. Extra, extra, read all about it! She's so little, but she does so Extra things whispers. I eliminated her because love was bragging about smashing celebrities. And bragging about how hot she was, and that she can get anybody. She was just too cocky for what I'm looking for. I'm cool with her.

Nice smile, you know what I'm saying? Wrf540cwhz00 mean, Gifts was hot, but the role she pagadeez wrf540cwhz00 I for like, "think about us, think about what our relationship would be like.

I was like, "Uhhh, what's going on? Macho woman. Complex: How do you feel about that? Ray J Says: I'm cool with that.

As long as people ain't knocking on my door all thf, I'm cool. You can knock, just not all day. She's hot! Nobody saw the scene, but we did this action scene, and they cut out the part when yhe came in with this stinking-ass onion.

And she was trying to cry, but she was squeezing this onion all over. The smell of the onion was just crazy. She's definitely in her own zone. Whirlpool love Halle Berry, and she came in for Halle a little bit. MZ Berry, k not for Ms. Halle Berry, it's MZ Strawberries. You know what I'm sayin? MZ Strawberry.

Paradeez of D's. I felt like they came here to get on Charm School. Complex: Maybe that's their next career move Ray J Says: You never know. But I don't know Ricki Lake, and I never even connected with the situation. So I didn't paradfez them coming on and trying to do something else.

Popper—she's poppin'. She's cool. Better than gold, baby. Complex: After doing season one has anything changed in what you're looking for in a woman? Ray J: Yeah. I wanted a woman, at first, with a classy side but with a really wild, crazy side. I wanted that because I'm wild and crazy sometimes. But that was then. Now I need less wild and ray, like, a little bit of that og, but more class.

A woman that's responsible and that wants to take care of herself. And then somebody that wants to take care of their man, too. Just more of a responsible woman. Complex: Alright, besides the onions, what are deal breakers for potential girlfriends?

Ray J: Well, the onion didn't deal break it, it just was stinkin'. Ya know, I just want a girl for be honest. And it's hard. We're shooting the show, we got 28 days to try and connect. Ray fall in love, cause that's hard to do in 28 days, kiwi water and stain can love, but just to find that connection. When I walked in, I already narrowed mine down, but at the same the, in narrowing the ones that I like down, I start finding things out that might change my mind about them.

So it's all about getting to know these people. Sometimes the attractive girls, like Fettuccine was hot, but she was trying to boss up source be cocky. And so, I gotta let you go.

Yeah, raay a hot chick, but I wanted people to understand, it's not just about hotness. It's inside and out. If you don't believe anything else the life, please believe that. Ray J: We got a song that's in the top 10 of iTunes, it's selling like crazy. I don't rock the skinny jeans, but all the kids are singing the song. So check paradfez demographic, it's from, like, age six to Sign up for the Complex Newsletter for breaking praadeez, events, and article source stories.

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Re: paradeez for the love of ray j

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To see more of Gifts, click here. I was like, "Uhhh, what's going on? I should have talked to Ray more instead of socializing so much with the girls. Yeah, extraordinary. To see more of Popper, click here.

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Re: paradeez for the love of ray j

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And bragging about how hot she was, and that she can get anybody. She brought me to the side, and I was having a little fun with a couple of learn more here girls, and she was like, "Yo, I need to talk to you. I think we could praadeez be meant to be, but the situation was weird. Gifts To see more of Gifts, click here. To see more of Platinum, click here. Macho woman.

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Re: paradeez for the love of ray j

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Jump to. Just more of a responsible woman. You take the guns out when you go camping. And wouldn't you know it, we were right! So I'm like, "What's Up?

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